Our Company Values

We are body builders and the grass roots of the company is to work with a manfacuter that can provide the best products on the market.

Quickly it became more.

If you have recieved the email saying payment confirmation you’re good to go! We will send you the tracking number a maximum 48 hours after that point.

If you have recieved all of our emails but have not recieved one saying ‘payment confirmation’ then the payment has not gone through. Please contact us and we will get it resolved for you

If you have not received an order confirmation email, firstly check your spam mail.

If you still cant see it, most likely the email address you entered was invalid. Please recreate your order and check the email address and shipping address carefully.

Please then reply to the confirmation email when recieved from us to move on to payment

failing any of this please contact orders@steroids-center.com

Once your order is placed we will send you a confirmation email, asking you to confirm the order. Once this is done we will email you with payment details.

Shipping times vary between 5-10 days for all USA states. Over holiday peroids again it can slow down, all information can be seen via the tracking code provided up to 48 hours after payment is received.

We have various shipping distribution centres across Europe all locations are sent tracked and signed for.


The tracking links are sent to you via an automated email when they are loaded onto the system.

PLEASE remember we send them before they are active so if it says tracking number not reconsigned give it a few hours and it should be working.


The Billing name is completely discreet and nothing to do with the products.

Sent in discreet packaging. Please retain your order info and tracking emails as sometimes larger orders are sent across multiple packages. (Normally up to a max of 3).

Yes we accept bitcoin.

If we have missed any questions or answers please feel free to contact us.